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In keeping with our theme of sweets today, I have an Anthro spotting(!). Does that seem like a weird connection – sweets and Anthro? Allow me to explain.

Last night I was watching Unique Sweets, a TV show on the Cooking Channel. Each episode, there is a theme, and experts (food writers, cookbook authors, bakery owners, etc) look at about 3-4 bakeries’ products that somehow fit that theme. It’s a great show to get your mouth watering and for making you want to travel for the sole purpose of visiting bakery after bakery!

Anyways, last night, on that show I spotted Kelsey Nixon (one of the “experts”) wearing the Amplified Stripes Blouse in its red motif. Being the owner of this shirt in its navy color, I was able to identify the shirt, but I should warn you that it wasn’t a huge picture of the shirt, unfortunately. It was enough to get this Anthropologie Connoisseur geeked out though! If you want to check out the sighting, look for a rerun of Unique Sweets’ episode titled “chocolate.” (*Sorry I cannot find a screenshot of it!)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Kelsey was wearing Anthro though…on her own show on the Cooking Channel (which I admittedly have not watched, although I watched her on the Next Food Network Star a few seasons ago), she has sported some Anthro including the Dagmar Shirtdress and this other top that I don’t know the name of (anyone?!). the Candied Dots Blouse (thanks Nataliya!).


Who knows…maybe she’s worn more Anthro on her show too!

Have any of you spotted Anthro on her or anywhere else lately?! And did any of you spot the Amplified Stripes Blouse on her on Unique Sweets, as I did?!