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Take a look at what I’ve found around this web this week in our mid-week pick-me-up:

Thanks to Hannie deciding to have guest posts while on holiday (aka vacation, but holiday sounds oh, so much more romantically beautiful!), I’ve discovered this great blog. Mara has great style and loves to bake too!

My mouth is watering after seeing all of these gorgeous photos of food (dessert & ravioli…mmm!) in Bologna, Italy. Dakota is a photographer, and, man, does his talent show through! I’m hooked to his blog now too – he moved from New Zealand to France and now travels all over Europe! Sounds like a dream life!

Shermineh contacted me about a month ago in need of ideas for styling the Sailboat Skirt (to see that styling request, head here). Well, guess what?! She started her own blog! This outfit has got me swooning too – the hat, shorts, shoes…ahh! Funky sophistication at its best!

This look into Kelly’s studio, where, as she puts it, “the magic happens” (regarding her jewelry!!!), was fascinating. Such a beautiful creative environment! (And her rug is from Anthro!)

A BIG congratulations is in order for Jessica, who just celebrated the release of her book yesterday! What an accomplishment!

There are just no words to describe how wonderful these pictures of behind the scenes at Oscar de la Renta are. Awe-inspiring. Stunning.

Let’s do some math, shall we? A huge slice of blueberry pie + salted caramel ice cream + whole milk + malted milk powder (optional, of course) + whipped cream + salted caramel sauce + a few blueberries = the most delicious looking Blueberry Crumb Pie Milkshake! Goodness, gracious…oh, how I wish I could have a sip of it!

That wraps up this week’s finds! I know it seemed rather short this week…I think with the long holiday weekend, blogging, in general, was a bit more sporadic for many. Next week will hopefully be longer!

What are you loving from these particular pulls? And what special links have you found recently? Please share!

(*note: All pictures used belong to the sources from which they were pulled.*)