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Guess what?! I’ve got another Anthro sighting for you!

As I started to look through Max Wagner’s most recent post of pictures from a photoshoot of a couple that was shot in New York City, I thought, man, this woman has got some style! Her hair cut was bold, as was her outfit – a hot pink top with an almost turquoise in color wide leg pant. I immediately started to wonder if by chance this woman worked in the fashion world. I mean, she has style! Although I don’t know the answer to that question, I did find something else out. You see, I got to the part of the post with some close-up shots…and that’s when I saw it! This woman must like Anthro, because her necklace is the Figure-Eight Necklace (only $48)! So not only does this woman have style, but she appears to like Anthro too! How cool!

I hope you’ll go to the post to not only check out the Anthro necklace this woman is sporting, but also to appreciate the rest of her outfit, not to mention the gorgeous photography! (The best picture of the necklace is the 5th from the bottom…although you can start from the top and I’m sure you’ll recognize it when you get to it!)