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Having seen the styling request I completed for Brittany, Christine emailed me in search of some ideas for the same dress (Gull Wing Dress), but a different color. But Christine isn’t just looking for everyday suggestions – no, she is planning on wearing this gorgeous dress to a wedding on a farm in just a week! She also, however, did ask for some other ideas…how to style it for warm weather and cool weather, formal occasions, and more casual settings.

Naturally, I was quite excited for the task!

Let’s start by having a quick look at our trusty color wheel!


The dress is primarily purple. It definitely is more of a pink-y purple than a blue-purple, so I’m going to say it’s around the number 14-15 on this particular color wheel. As you can see, green is opposite – somewhere in between a kelly green and a forest green. This means that if you choose to pair the dress with green, the purple color will be intensified, as will the green. If, on the other hand, you want a less harsh contrast, consider pinks. Blues are next to purple on the color wheel, but I think they will be harder to pull off with this particular shade of purple. Yellows are going to be tricky too – the right shade could work, but otherwise, it could end up looking pretty bad. Oranges, as well, will be finicky. The right shade will be stunning, but the wrong shade will be plain wrong. I think your best bet is to not pair too, too bright of colors with the dress, as the dress itself has a certain intensity to itself already. The less electrifying colors will also make for a very soothing color palette – almost sunset like!

In terms of jewelry: With the beautiful neckline of the dress, you probably won’t want a huge statement necklace. For the most part, allow the delicateness of the dress to shine through! Bracelets and rings are great ways to add interest without taking away from the dress.

For weddings, I tend to think that simple usually works best. Personally, I don’t see weddings as the time to try out a brand new trend – I think a certain element of classicism is beautiful. Obviously, I think there are exceptions, and it’s fine if you disagree with me – I’m just stating my opinion!

I’ll start out by modifying some of the stylings from the post using the black/pink version of the dress. Throughout, I’ll add some completely new ideas as well.

Arrow Plume Cardi – on sale for $49.95

Efflorescent Eventide Necklace – $128

Gull Wing Dress

Lillian Slingbacks – $148

Marathon Strand Bracelet (silver) – $58

Leather-Bound Clutch (silver) – $198

Instead of the original blue-green accents I paired with the other version of the dress, this time I went for accents of gold, silver, and a bit of pink. This is a girly look great for a wedding!

Arrow Plume Cardi – on sale for $49.95

Gull Wing Dress

Tights (not available now…Anthro doesn’t have any at the moment, so these are from this post)

Boots (not available now…Anthro doesn’t have any at the moment, so these are from this post)

Gilded Link Bracelet – $168

Keeping the same cardi, but switching up the shoes and accessories, I’ve made this a more casual, cooler weather appropriate look. The gray tights and boots really pick up nicely on the gray in the dress. If you wanted, you could do brown boots instead (and keep the gray tights).

Tied & Tabbed Blouse – $88

Gull Wing Dress

Mercury Bead Slides – $98

Go-Everywhere Tote (pink) – $148

Hammered Borders Cuff – $158

With minimal adjustments from the other post, I’ve made this a great summer look! For those hot, hot summer days, you could do without the blouse completely. On the other hand, for those cooler days, you could do something like this:

Climate Control Cardi (pink) – $68

Tied & Tabbed Blouse – $88

Gull Wing Dress

Tights (not available now…Anthro doesn’t have any at the moment, so these are from this post)

Boots (not available now…Anthro doesn’t have any at the moment, so these are from this post)

Go-Everywhere Tote (pink) – $148

Hammered Borders Cuff – $158

Leave this cardi open, which will allow the blouse to show, as well as the dress. This will be great layering! If the weather is cool, but not ready for this sort of warmth, you could of course omit the tights or omit the tights and boots (replacing with different shoes).

Hinged Belt (black) – $48

Climate Control Cardi (pink) – $68

Gull Wing Dress

Niina Mary-Janes (black) – $298

Juxtaposed Gems Ring – $198

Instead of using the sash from the dress, use this belt around the cardi (leave the cardi open). You’ll be able to see the ruffles of the dress and get a cinched in waist – a win, win situation! You could most definitely add tights to this look too, if need be.

Endless Necklace – $48

Climate Control Cardi (pink) – $68

Gull Wing Dress

Trinket Flats (gray) – $98

Sometimes simple is the way to go…this would be lovely for a wedding – understated but put together. If it got too warm, you could always remove the cardi! Oh! And the flats are great for dancing! Come winter, you could add tights to the look for an everyday ensemble.

Sweeping Stitches Pullover – $98

Hinged Belt (black) – $48

Gull Wing Dress

Roan Mules – $198

Bell Pepper Tote – $258

Remember the yellow pullover look from the other post? Well, this is my take on it with this color version of the dress. The shade of green in the bag is just a perfect complement to the purple and gray of the dress – just gorgeous!

For cooler weather, you could switch out those shoes for these shoes and add tights:

Lacuna Booties – $418

And on to the next look…

Serpentine BeltScalloped Platforms

Gull Wing Dress

Serpentine Belt – $400 (from BHLDN; obviously expensive…but I’m sure you could find a much cheaper alternative…maybe J. Crew?)

Scalloped Platforms – $370 (from BHLDN)

Giant Gem Ring – on sale for $19.95

By replacing the sash with this sparkly little belt, you instantly dress it up. The shoes and ring finish off this simple, yet more fancy, look. The best part of not covering up the top of this dress is that you allow the pretty back to show!

Savoy Quilted Leather Jacket – $498

Spinet Necklace – $298

Gull Wing Dress

Chisled Wedges (black) – $168

This is a great versatile outfit with some edge, perfect for everything from a night on the town, to a wedding, to even some chic cooler weather errand-running.

Hambleton Cardigan

Sequoia Stone Earrings – $58

Hambleton Cardigan – $280 (from BHLDN)

Gull Wing Dress

Plaited Basket Ballerinas – $248

This look has some great texture going on, with the lace, woven-like shoes, stone earrings, and silk dress. You could most definitely wear heels with this instead, but for a farm wedding, flats might seem more desirable – they feel a bit more casual and relaxed, as does a farm setting.

Concise Denim Jacket – $128

Gull Wing Dress

Gamut Spectators – $148

Islet Cuff (blue motif) – $68

Fine-Ruled Satchel – $268

The color blue acts as a great accent in this look that is on the more casual side. You could, however, definitely alter it to make it more or less dressy!

Let’s talk hair now, shall we? If you choose to wear the dress simply, you might feel like your overall look still needs some oomph. Well, hair accessories are the perfect way to do so (and they can also be rather cost efficient!). Simple headbands or hair pins would be gorgoues…maybe something like this?

Deco Dash Headband (ivory) – $28

Now, let’s talk belts. Here is another one I’ve selected that could work beautifully with the dress (in place of the sash, or in place of the sash and over a cardi or jacket):

Main Ring Belt – $48

…But don’t let store selection limit you! A great DIY idea would be to buy some wide ribbon and attach a pin or brouch to it…you could have the ribbon tie in the back (with the pin/brouch to the side in the front, possibly?) or the front…your choice! Another idea would be to simply attach a pin/brouch to the dress’s sash! (In terms of places to find pins/brouches, you might want to try J. Crew…or really anywhere!)

Now, I’ll jump into some other items I think could work with the dress:

Creme Fraiche Jacket – $148

You could leave this unbelted, or wrap the dress’s sash around it, or you could pick out an entirely new belt.

Spring Shelter Cardigan (gray) – $88

This would most definitely need a belt – again, you could use the dress’s sash or a belt of your choosing. The perfect cardi for a more casual look (although it could be dressed up some!).


Well Nigh Blazer – $138

Petal Panes Bolero

Petal Panes Bolero – $180 (from BHLDN)

Beads of Berry Necklace – $258

First Spark Necklace – $38

Hovering Agate Necklace – $38

Ricochets Necklace (pink) – $38

This would also work in its yellow shade, which isn’t too bright at all!:

Ricochets Necklace (yellow) – $38

And that wraps up this post…as you can see, this dress is lovely and both color palettes we’ve looked at have great styling potential!

Here’s to hoping Christine has gotten some awesome workable ideas…I bet whatever she comes up with will be great for the wedding!

Which look was your favorite?

If you have a styling request, please don’t hesitate to email me at theanthropologieconnoisseur@gmail.com! Thanks!