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We all have at least one person in our lives you just loves being in the kitchen – cooking, baking, or even both – right? Maybe you’re even one of those people? I am!

Even if you avoid the kitchen at all costs, you have to admit your smitten with some of Anthro’s great kitchen accessories…I mean, take a look!:

Bake By Numbers Pie Plate – $38

How cute is this plate?! Not only would it work well for baking pies, but it would also be a great source of color inspiration! Double duty=winning situation!

Farmer’s Egg Crate (sky) – $14

On one of my baking TV shows, Dessert First, Anne Thornton has this beauty! It’s as pretty as it is functional!

Farmer’s Market Basket, Small Square (blue) – $14

Okay, picture this: dumping your fresh berries (from a Farmer’s Market?!) into this pretty. You could store them in the fridge in this, or you could even serve your fruit to guests in this rustic chic way!

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups – $24

With its retro feel, I adore this milk bottle inspired set of measuring cups. I mean, how adorable?!?!?

Appleton Utensil Jar (turquoise) – $28

This might be a little bit of a cheat, considering I actually own this beauty! But let me tell you…I love it, and it goes great with my kitchen!

Primary Confection Measuring Spoons – $14

You’ll be eager to break these out while cooking and baking…they’re entirely too pretty to not display when they’re not being used too!

Baking Notes Notepad – $7.50

These would be perfect for any baker! It has space to put the: recipe, ocasion, source, ingredients (and quantities), “recipe remarks,” “best served with: _ coffee _ tea _napkins  _ pride _ humility,” comments (with room for different testers), “overall results: _ disastrous _fair _ good _ heavenly _ a mess”. While the price of these aren’t too, too bad, I’ve just decided I’m going to customize/create my own version of these! Yay! So excited!

Grandiflora Recipe Journal – $48

This is a similar ideas as the last product – documenting what you make in the kitchen – but with a different feel. While I prefer the previous product, this might be a great alternative (it’s all about preference!).

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream – $19.95

Having recently invested in an ice cream machine (on sale!), this might be a great investment! Yummy sounding flavors like Wildberry Lavender and Queen City Cayenne intrigue me!

Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes – $23.99

Paris? Love story? Recipes? Sounds like it could be good!

Macarons – $15.95

After trying my first macaron in the legendary Ladurée in Paris about a year ago, I’ve been hooked on these little gems. And a whole book of just macarons?! Heaven!

Do any of you have any of these products? Do share! And Did I miss any other must-have kitchen products?!