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I’ve got an exciting Anthro sighting for you today!

Lifetime now has videos featuring Project Runway’s upcoming season’s contestants. Well, unsuspectingly, I found something of interest in Fallene Wells’ closet tour video!

Let me type a transcript of part of it:

“I’m obsessed with Anthropologie. One time I told, um…one of my friends…swas like, ‘Are you ever gonna have kids?’ and I’m like, ‘Not until I can fill my closet with Anthropologie!’

“I was obsessed over this dress from Anthropologie but it was $400…I’m like hell no I’m not gonna buy that dress…that’s insane. And so, um, I found it on eBay and I was like ahhhh, it’s only $120, I can get it! It has sort of an art nouveau feel and it’s Anna Sui and she’s my favorite designer…hopefully I didn’t butcher her name too much.”

Isn’t that awesome?! I love the lines about her friend asking her about having kids…priceless!

I’m eager to see her designs now – I wonder if I’ll love them like I love Anthro?!

*To see the video, go here, and scroll down to click on “Fallene Wells’ Closet Tour”.