I know I said earlier today I’d be back tomorrow for a mid-week pick-me-up, but I’ve got a little something to share with you before then! I’ve got a four way fashion face off for you tonight! Yes, that’s right, a four way fashion face off! (How’s that for alliteration?! *applause*).

It all has to do with this Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress. I’ve spotted three ladies in it recently, and I spotted a fourth lady rocking a very similar, but completely budget friendly version, too!

the real deal



summer festival striped dress

the budget friendly version


Now, check out the dress, styled uniquely by four different ladies:

(sorry for not being able to center the last picture correctly!)

1) our First Lady, Michelle Obama (photo source)

2) Katy, of Kansas Couture (photo belongs to her)

3) the Runway Hippie (photo belongs to her)

4) Gayle King (photo source)

Can you catch which one of the four is the budget friendly version? It’s the second photo – Katy.

I must all look great in this dress – it’s clearly a matter of personal preference as to who wore it best. I’ll leave everyone to their own opinion – my purpose in sharing this is not to bash, but rather to look at how one dress can be worn so many ways! I find that truly fascinating!