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As promised, here is this week’s mid-week pick-me-up! Enjoy!

Almost as good as the sweet video of a very spontaneous proposal are all of the proposal stories shared in the comments of this post. Who doesn’t love a good story – especially when it’s a proposal story?!

I think an element of effortless style is something I desire to possess…now this is the epitome of an example of just that!

It goes without saying how gorgeous Jen looks in this dress she wore while in Paris! Beautiful – the dress is just made for her!

I meant to include this in last week’s pick-me-up, but somehow forgot: I recently found this lovely blog – Emily, an architecture student, is traveling abroad with her boyfriend for nine months, which obviously entails her closet is limited. Her tag line is: “Personal style on four continents, never limited by the size of single suitcase.” Needless to say, her blog has become a daily read for me!

Fresh out of another 30 for 30 remix, Kendi is wowing me with this look…I love everything about it, but especially the pattern play of the stripes and polka dots!


Although this is old, I just discovered it – it tests the hypothesis that anything tastes good on a tortilla! The results are quite fascinating!

That rounds up this week’s finds! Have you found any cool links lately? Please share!

(*note: All pictures used belong to the sources from which they were pulled.*)