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NOTE: If you have not watched Project Runway yet and still plan on doing so, STOP READING! There will be spoilers!








Well, what did you all think, for those of you watched???!!! How was the premiere of Project Runway for you?

I’m doing a little recap today, complete with my opinions. There will be some polls throughout, which I hope you’ll participate in, and then I hope you’ll consider leaving a comment with your own thoughts! I’d love to get a discussion going! Here goes…

Imagine walking through the streets of New York (Times Square!) in nothing but your pajamas. Oh, and a sheet. Most people would be absolutely mortified. As a true test of courage on the first challenge, the designers did just this.

Tim Gunn walked into the apartments (the beloved Atlas apartments, that is!) at the crack of dawn – i.e. 5 am – to wake the designers and take them across town to Parsons (side note: HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO AWAKE TO TIM?!?). While Tim was spiffy in his suit as usual, the designers truly did just have on what they wore to bed, as well as one sheet from their bed. As Heidi said later on during the judging, it was a bit interesting to see just what the designers wore to bed. Right off the bat, I was drawn to what novice-sewer Anya was wearing – a gorgeous garment it appeared, indeed!

Having arrived at Parsons, the designers got their challenge – make any look using only the clothes you have on and your alloted one sheet, as well as any provided notions (buttons, zippers, trim, lace, etc). The designers got down to work, some with more panic than others.

Fast forward to the runway show – Anthony Ryan, Anya, and Bert were in the top, while Julie, Joshua, and Rafael were in the bottom three.

Anthony Ryan’s look: This certainly was nice, especially the top – very wearable. There’s no denying he made good use of the provided notions in order to thoroughly transform his pajamas. However, the skirt lacked a little something for me, and overall, the look just wasn’t incredibly original to me.

Anya’s look: I liked where she was going with each individual piece, but for me, while it was far from a train wreck, it lacked a sense of fashion. In other words, it seemed like it lacked a modernity (and originality, I suppose) that is so important in fashion.

Bert Keeter's design for the first challenge.

the winning look


Bert’s look: Aside from a styling perspective, Bert really did do an awesome job with this piece. He mentioned having worked for Halston, which I can see very subtly in this piece. There was something a little off about the bow in the front…it just didn’t seem quite right, but it didn’t detract too much from the rest. But really…the styling of it? Hope he can pull it together in the future!

The bottom:

Julie’s look: The construction on the pants was absolutely horrific, as was the combination of the particular print and color palette on the top (although the actual shape of the top wasn’t half bad). I do find it funny that she wore pajamas that seem so far away from her own aesthetic (I’m guessing as some sort of joke though). Luckily for her, she escaped elimination – but only because her look was slightly (slightly!) better than the other two.

Joshua’s look: There was absolutely no sense of fashion in this at all. And there were construction issues. Enough said.

Rafael’s look: While I was intrigued by the back detailing on his top, there’s no forgiving those pants! And really..why couldn’t he bear to “look homeless” and take off his head scarf to make better use of it the first day in the work room? Karma must have gotten him back for this, as he was sent packing at the end of the show.

Honestly, I could have been fine with either Joshua or Rafael leaving at this point, having not much to base this decision on other than what they made this week. Rafael though, was one I thought could have been cut from the top 20.


And now, the one middle-of-the-packer that I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for:

Danielle. I was actually surprised she wasn’t in the top – for me, her look was better than Anya’s. There was an innate simplicity with a touch of vintage that made her look great. If this look is any suggestion of what she’s capable of, I’m eager to see more! (Although it seems like she might need a bit of an attitude adjustment…)

On a final note, did it seem like there were a lot of tragic stories behind some of these designers or what?! Has it always been this way? One of my friends pointed out that she thought some of their stories sounded like Lifetime movies…but then reminded herself this is on Lifetime! Coincidence or not?!

What about you guys? Did you agree with the judges’ top three? What about their bottom three? Which middle-of-the-packer should have been in the top – or bottom? Which designer(s) has caught your attention most?

…And who’s already excited for the next episode? That would be me!