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Note: This is post regarding this blog. I encourage you to read all of it, even though it’s long, but if you’d rather, skip to the bottom to get the gist of it all. Thank you.

There’s really no gentle way to get into this, so perhaps it would be best if I just jump right to it.

I think the time has come for this little blog of mine to come to an end.

Yes, it has only been about a year, but it feels like it’s time already. If you had asked me a few months ago, I would have told you I was going to be doing this blog for several more years, at least.

It’s hard to vocalize – in writing, mind you – exactly what has led to my recent change of heart. On the one hand, it seems like an event that has been built up to, slowly but surely. On the other hand, it seems completely out of the blue – to me, and maybe even to some of you.

As most of you Anthro lovers can attest to, Anthro didn’t seem to be putting out the gorgeous clothes its capable of in the past few months. There has been much talk, some from me even, about Anthro seeming to be coming back to its former glory in these past few weeks. Personally, I don’t think it’s completely back yet, but there are signs of hope. I am lusting after pieces, after all (um, this, and this too!).

What I mean to say is – and, yes, this is a bit hard to spill out and admit – I think I might be falling out of love with Anthropologie…not entirely (no way!!!!), but definitely to some extent. Whether its due to this aforementioned lack of Anthro-ness at Anthro in the past months, or just my changing/developing tastes, I really don’t know. It may even be a combination of both (which is likely).

As you can imagine, having a blog titled “The Anthropologie Connoisseur” just doesn’t seem right anymore. I’m ashamed to admit this, as I truly once was obsessed with Anthropologie. And it’s still hard to say all of this.

As to what my “new”, developing taste is? I think it’s a combination of stores and styles. I definitely, however, do not think it can be summed up in one store (Anthro, or another), as you can imagine.

On a totally other end of the spectrum in terms of coming to this decision is something totally unrelated to Anthro. Time. I have happily put hours upon hours upon hours into this blog. Lately, however, I’ve felt unmotivated and as though I have a mile-high pile of things I need to accomplish, non-blog related. And those things aren’t getting done.

Trying to come to some sort of conclusion, what does all of this mean? I will continue to stalk Anthro for gems. I will continue to lust after some of their pieces. Most definitely, I will also continue to visit (and hopefully comment on!) my loooooong, loooooong list of blogs I visit daily.

…But doing this entirely Anthro focused blog doesn’t seem quite right.

Please know how I’ve been torn with this decision. In no way has it been easy, and to be perfectly honest,

I’m still not sure I’m making the right decision.

Therefore, I’m still extremely hesitant to close up shop for good, so to speak. What do I do? Take some time off, and see if the spark comes back (and if it does? and if it doesn’t?)? Post as frequently or infrequently as I feel like it (problem is with this, I may feel guilty for not posting…)? Or, do I seriously cut ties with this blog of mine and stop posting for good (that’s a big commitment…and typing that made my heart ache even more)?

Obviously, I’m confused.

I’m not quite sure what the right path for me to take is, so I’m going to mull over it some more. As you can see, I went from saying I was saying goodbye to this blog for good in the beginning of this post to being iffy at this point.

And so, I’ve decided to announce a hiatus in the blog for the next week.

At that point in time, I’ll reevaluate and decide my next move. (And who knows…maybe I’ll look back at this post and decide I’m currently being utterly foolish.)

I thank you for sticking this identity-crisis of sorts out with me. I also thank you so much for your dedicated readership, thoughtful comments, and pushing me to push the box with my stylings. (Ahhh, my heart swells with pride as I think of styling requests, and simultaneously makes the thought of ending this blog all the more bitter.)

Long story short, see you next week.

Thank you.