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First of all, oops! I told you in my last post I’d be checking in in a week…and I fully intended to do so. Somehow though, I got it in my head that I posted that post last Tuesday, which would make today the one week mark. Obviously, I just checked the date of my last post and realized it actually was posted on a Monday! Oops! Sorry!

Anyway, I definitely need to follow-up on that post. Summed up, I’m still not positive about what I’m going to do. I’m toying around with quite a few different ideas, but I haven’t settled on any single one for good yet. Therefore, I think it’s going to be another week off at this point before any major news. I thank you so much for sticking this identity crisis out with me.

Your comments on my last post truly touched me in ways unimaginable. I love you guys, and all the support you give me. Truly. I do. Thank you.

And I DO have some good news…I’ve got a styling for you today! It’s a just-for-fun sort of styling; that is, no major back story, but nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Image 1 of ASOS Button Back Dress With Long SleevesMedina heels in leather and calf hairNO IMAGE

 ASOS Button Back Dress with Long Sleeves – $77.58

J. Crew Medina Heels in Leather and Calf Hair – $350

Milly Amelia Oversized Clutch – $345

Anthropologie Victorian Onyx Ring – $1000 (you read that right. reaaaalllllyyyy, Anthro?!)

By the way, did you see the back of this dress?? Seriously, I’m loving small details like this recently in garments that really set a piece a part and make it unique.

Image 2 of ASOS Button Back Dress With Long Sleeves

I’m loving the gorgeous vintage ring and classic clutch paired with the bold, graphic animal printed shoes. All of the accessories support and add to the simply cut dress. 

Everything in this outfit also has an aire of sophistication. The complete outfit will be sure to get tons and tons of compliments because you’ll be gracefully standing out from the crowd with all of the sublimely beautiful details! 

How is everyone doing? Once again, thanks for your incredible support and beyond-kind kind words. I’ll be checking in shortly!