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Sure I’ve heard of people eating Oreos with peanut butter, but for some reason, I just never tried it. Today, for some reason I can’t tell you, I was suddenly so inclined as to try it! I got a bit of peanut butter (not too much!) and spread it on the top of a double stuff Oreo.

How was it? Well, I went back for seconds! Seriously, so good! Why didn’t I try this sooner?

 (Oreo image, Peanut Butter image)

Am I the last person on the planet to try this, or have some of you not tried it (yet!)? And for those of you who have tried it, how do you like them? Peanut butter smothered on? Or easy on the peanut butter? Do you coat one side, or all of the Oreo? I’d love to hear your technique! 🙂