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I thought today we’d take a look at one dress, styled three different ways – a work appropriate version, a fun errand-running version, and a night-on-the-town version. What dress are we using, you ask? This gorgeous one:

Image 1 of ASOS  DRESS with Embellished V Bow Back

Ya, it’s stunning, huh?!
First up, the work ensemble:
Schoolboy blazer in academy stripeImage 1 of ASOS  DRESS with Embellished V Bow BackIce cube ring
J. Crew Ice Cube Ring (black) – $38
Wearing this, you’ll be sure to stick out of the ho-hum boring work outfits you’re probably surrounded with! All of the pieces have a conservative look, but the way they’re paired together really spices them up!
Next up….the fun errand-running look!
Image 1 of ASOS  DRESS with Embellished V Bow BackImage 1 of River Island Patent Buckle LoafersImage 1 of Fiorelli Floris Color Block Lady bag
While maintaining polish, a little bit of funkiness is brought in with the addition of the loafers. A retro feel is definitely given off, but in a modern, city-fabulous way.
And finally, the night-on-the-town look:
Image 1 of ASOS  DRESS with Embellished V Bow BackImage 1 of ASOS Long Spot ClutchImage 1 of ASOS Carved Wooden Ring With Metal Top
ASOS Carved Wooden Ring with Metal Top – $2.74 (what a steal!)
The thing that really makes this look work is its balance of new and old, modern and traditional. The style of the dress is classic, but the color pumps it up. The shoes play up on its refined feel. The fun clutch and sleek ring, on the other hand, further enhance the modern feel. The complete look is a winner!
And, just for fun, one more bonus night-on-the-town look (using the same shoes as the previous look)! 🙂
Image 1 of ASOS  DRESS with Embellished V Bow BackImage 1 of ASOS Flat Zip Contrast ClutchImage 1 of French Connection Link Stretch Bracelet
I love the rich colors in this outfit – the deep green of the clutch and the dark navy blue of the heels – mixed with the more vibrant green dress. All of this makes for a more classic look, but it definitely still feels modern and fresh.
Which look is your favorite? Would you wear this dress?