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Nothing beats a perfectly compiled campfire s’more. Am I right, or am I right? Yes, that’s what I thought! 🙂

If I could always have access to a campfire to make s’mores when my s’mores cravings spike, I would never have an issue. However, rarely do I have a campfire. The other day, I thought, why not try a microwave version (I mean, I’ve heard of people doing it, but never tried it myself)? Naturally, I did just that.

And no, I didn’t just go for a typical s’more, although I’m definitely not dissing a traditional s’more (oh, no!). Instead, I threw in some toffee pieces as well.

Did I mention I also just used ingredients I happened to have on hand – as in, no trip to the grocery store was needed? Yes, it’s true. Obviously, just because I happened to have all the ingredients on hand most definitely does not mean you will too, but look at it this way…I’m giving you an excuse to keep your pantry stocked with these ingredients so that you can have a s’more anytime you want. Oooh…that could be dangerous though, couldn’t it?! 😉

Take a look at it, pre-topping it off with the last sandwich piece of graham cracker:

And before you s’more aficionados start screaming at me, “BUT THE CHOCOLATE IS NOT MELTY AND GOOEY! *gasp*”, let me assure you that although it doesn’t appear it, the chocolate is in fact melty and gooey, as it should be. These microwave s’mores are just as messy as a traditional campfire s’more, that’s for sure.

Yummy looking, right? They were. Trust me! Now they weren’t up to campfire s’mores’ level of goodness, but for a treat that takes approximately 20 seconds to make (no joke!) and does not require a campfire, I think these are great alternative when you get a s’mores craving and need.one.now.as.in.NOW!

Make ’em for an after school/work treat, or just for the heck of it (like I did!). Need a better excuse? How about for this Labor Day? There you go. Now you have no excuse not to try these! 🙂

(Microwave) Chocolate Toffee S’mores

makes one s’more


1 graham cracker, broken in half

small handful of mini marshmallows (or you could try one big marshmallow)

small handful of chocolate chips (or you could try a traditional Hershey’s chocolate bar)

small handful toffee pieces (you could omit these, but they give a nice crunch)

Lay one of the halves of the graham cracker on a microwavable plate. Arrange the marshmallows on top, more towards the center of the graham cracker (as opposed to the edges). Microwave for approximately 15 seconds (note: keep in mind microwave ovens vary). When you remove the plate from the microwave, the marshmallows will de-puff a bit. That’s okay.

Using a fork, gently push back any marshmallows onto the graham cracker that may have fallen off. Sprinkle the marshmallows with chocolate chips (the exact amount to suit your tastes). Microwave 5 seconds more.

Sprinkle toffee chips on top (again, however many you want). Top with the second half of the graham cracker, and smoosh down a bit to get that ooey-gooey-ness going. Enjoy!


Have any of you tried a microwaved version of s’mores? If so, what do you think of them? If you haven’t, are you now inclined to try one?!