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When I mentioned to you guys that I recently made a wedding cake, I was met with the hunger to hear more about it from some of you. So naturally, I’d love to tell you a bit more about it!

Besides fashion, baking is another passion of mine (although fashion most definitely comes first). I’m always craving sweets and thus baking…trust me, at my house, you almost always have baked goods! Baking also proves to be quite therapeutic for me – honestly, the best kind of therapy (although not so much for the waistline….!).

Anyway, a bit over a month ago, my aunt and uncle were telling me how my cousin had yet to select a wedding cake for her then in-just-a-month-wedding. She wasn’t finding what she wanted at a reasonable price. A joke was thrown out that I should make the cake, and actually, that sounded like an amazingly fun type of challenge for me. Fast forward to a week later, and I was officially making the cake!

Suffice to say, my mind was on the cake nearly 24-7. I tested recipes every weekend (sometimes weekdays too) and did much research.

I ended up doing two different flavors, both as collaborations with what my cousin, the bride, wanted. The cake was three tiers, with the top and bottom tiers being vanilla cake with a chocolate mousse filling, and the middle tier being a chocolate cake with a chocolate hazelnut mousse filling. The entire cake was iced in an off-white buttercream (no fondant!!!). Around the bottom of each tier was a ribbon matching the color scheme of the wedding. On the top of the cake was a monogram with the bride and groom’s initials that the bride picked out.

Oh, and have I neglected to mention that I wasn’t even baking this cake in my own kitchen? Ya, it’s true. I baked it in my cousin’s (the bride’s) kitchen, and it was actually the first time I had ever even seen her kitchen, let alone baked in it (we live in different states). Regardless of this and the fact that I am in reality a novice to the wedding cake industry, I am proud – and relieved(!!!) – to say that the cake turned out! Not only did it taste great (if I may toot my own horn!), but it also did not collapse, something which always worried me a bit!

A few fun, random facts:

  • 10 pounds of butter used in the entire cake
  • approximately 16 or so hours to make the cake (not including the hour transportation to the venue and the set-up time)
  • 84 ounces chocolate used (bittersweet and semisweet)
  • 4 dozen eggs used
  • bottom tier alone weighed 35 pounds

And yes, the question you’re all asking, “Would I do it all again?”

Yes, I’d do it all again. In. A. Heartbeat.

*I know you may all be disappointed about this, but I, unfortunately, am not going to share pictures. This is simply to protect the privacy of the bride and groom.