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On today’s agenda? The casual Thanksgiving stylings, as promised yesterday two days ago! Yes, I meant to post these yesterday, but I had a few finishing touches to do and then my half day of travel to get to family turned into more of a full day (no complaining though!!), and then once I got to my family…you know…everything else just kind of goes out the window! So, Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy these casual looks!

Image 1 of ASOS Blouse With Pintuck And Drop CollarImage 1 of ASOS High Waist Peg Pants with Cinch Detail

Lula jacquard ballet flats
I love pairing this sheer black blouse with the navy high-waisted trousers…the combination of black and navy is divine! some sophisticated, chic flats and a beautiful necklace complete the look!
Image 1 of Oasis Beaded Collar Sheer Sleeve TopMinnie jodhpur pantGlitterati ballet flats
J. Crew Glitterati ballet flats (metallic black) – $128
This sweet as can be retro top is roughed up a bit with these awesome pants with leather-trimmed pockets and the stone cut ring. The bit of shine in the collar of the top is further emphasized with the flats (and ring). Beautiful!
Which look is your favorite? Happy Thanksgiving!