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I’ve lead you through my sad stories of falling in love with an ASOS dress, only to have it not be available in my size. Examples: here and here.

This morning when I fell in love with one of their dresses, I was preparing myself to be let down – for them not to have my size. Sadly, this time, the story didn’t change. The smallest size they had was a six, whereas I need their smallest offering, a size two.

Image 1 of Rare Chiffon Spot Cross Back Skater Dress

That back! Swoon!!

Image 4 of Rare Chiffon Spot Cross Back Skater Dress

Though knowing I was not going to get the dress, I decided to search the name of the dress…see if I could find any bloggers rocking it so that I could tell myself even if I couldn’t wear the dress, someone was still doing it great justice. I did not find any bloggers wearing it, though my search was cut short when I clicked on a link to ShopStyle. Interestingly enough, they had two pictures of the dress. When I hovered my mouse over the top one, it listed size two as one of the sizes. Confused, I thought that ShopStyle must just list all the sizes ASOS normally carries or all the sizes an item comes in before it is sold out in those sizes. Curiously though, I decided to click the link to ASOS website.

And you know what?

The dress was magically available in every size, including a size two!!! I went back to the tab where I had originally pulled up the dress on my own, and no, it was still showing the dress only available in a size six and up! What was with this?

Honestly, I didn’t care. I quickly added the size two dress to my cart, still a bit weary that suddenly it might say the dress really wasn’t available.

But to my greater surprise and immense relief, I am now the proud owner of the dress! That is, I’ve ordered it, and I’m crossing my fingers it’ll fit and be to my liking when it arrives!

Finally! A dress from ASOS that I lust for is mine!

Note: Maybe you are interested in the dress too, and need a size four or two? Here’s a link to the ShopStyle page that brought me to my available dress.