“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

                              – Yves Saint Laurent

Style. Look it up in the dictionary and you will get quite a few definitions. At the core though, it is an aesthetic. It is found in the way one puts themself together. It is found in the way one plates food. It is found in one’s mannerisms. It is found in one’s way of living life.

To me, style is one’s signature – what makes the individual unique, something that cannot be replicated. Style is ever-changing and evolving, and that is perfectly okay.


It is probably time I introduce myself now, right? Well, hello! Welcome to The Style Connoisseur! As hopefully conveyed above, the purpose of this space I have created here is to share with you all things stylish – not fads, but everything relating to style. As the image on the top of the page says, generally speaking, this means fashion*, food, travel, and more…a sort of lifestyle compilation, if you will.

I hope you will find The Style Connoisseur to be a welcoming, inviting place; a place you will visit often. Even though we have never met in person, I have found in my personal experience the blogging world to be full of fabulous “web” friends. So stick around, will you, please?!

A little bit more about me: I am a dreamer. I am addicted to sweets (and baking). I love travel. I especially love Paris and New York City and hope to call each city “home” at least once in my life at some point (first I must learn French!). Really though, I am a persistent dreamer.

A little bit more about the blog: I do styling requests (click to read more) and a cool feature called Get the Look (click to read more)! Both of these are possible with reader involvement, so I have you to thank for these successful features. I also have quite a few other exciting regular features…browse through my archives to take a peak! (And yes, this blog used to be The Anthropologie Connoisseur. As tastes have changed, and yes, my style has evolved, a change was needed!)

Have any more questions? About me? The blog? Life? Or, want to say hello? Email me at thestyleconnoisseur@gmail.com, or come by me on Formspring!

*If you read the quote at the top of this page, you might be thinking that I have given a negative connotation to the term “fashion” by mentioning the quote (which I adore), so why would I post about “fashion?” Well, truthfully, the term “fashion” is probably a far overused term and one which I use often, even when I do not necessarily mean “fashion” (confusing, right?). Rather than pick the word apart (that is whole new discussion!), know that when I refer to fashion, I always try to keep the idea of “style” in mind. Make sense? 🙂

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love your blog.

  2. Love your blog. I just tried the Reed dress on in blue cord. Do you know if more colors will be released?

  3. I bought the dress this morning. Couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided it was well worth full price. I also picked up the Meridian Gate Belt. I went with the smaller of the 2 sizes since I plan to wear it mostly as is, or unbuttoned with a cami or tissue tee peeking out. LOVE the belt. It is really nice and looks great with the dress. Thanks for your help! Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh my, I stumbled on your blog and I love it! Your about – well I could have written all those loves too. And your first remark about the about page I completely agree. I love reading the about pages – hence why I’m commenting here, but I also wish it was easier to write how you want it exactly… just know, i completely get you!
    Fabulous blog! I’m subscribing!

  5. I appreciate this website because so much of utile stuff on here : D.

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