Get the Look

Surely, you’ve come across some great fashion inspiration on the internet…there’s simply so much out there! Surely, you’ve also wished you could recreate those very looks for yourself – and, as a bonus, surely, you might have even dreamed of being able to go to one – and only one – store to do so.

Well, that’s why I created the “Get the Look” feature, unique to The Style Connoisseur. In a nutshell, I use looks as inspiration, trying to recreate them. As I said in my first post introducing the feature, “[It’s] all about recreating your favorite looks from around the web…While the looks are definitely inspired, they still have their own flair.” Along with creating a styling, I offer tips revealing how to achieve the key essence of the inspiration.

Oftentimes, I will choose looks to recreate, but that’s only a fraction of this exciting feature…you, readers, can submit inspiration for me to use as well. If you submit it, I’ll create it!

To submit: Please email me at The mere three things I ask you to include are: 1) a link/photo to the look you want recreated (if you attach a photo, I appreciate a link or at least the name of the site from which the photo is from, if possible, in order to give credit where credit is due) 2) any preferences of stores (if you have any!)…should I browse any/all stores, or would you like me to focus on one-two specific store(s)? 3) if you’d like your name included or excluded from the post. That’s it! Of course, you can also feel free to include any comments as well, but only if you like, concerning part(s) of the look you especially like, part(s) of the look you’d like changed, your personal style, etcetera!

As I continue to emphasize styling as a unique aspect of The Style Connoisseur, I hope you’ll support this fun, exciting, and one-of-a-kind feature! Thank you!

Note: The primary emphasis will be on styling complete looks; however, I also will recreate an individual element of a look as well!

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